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I am new to ubuntu and have version 11.10 installed. I need to install glomosim v2.03 on my laptop. Can any one help?

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1) Install Parsec by typing

    sudo apt-get install parsec47

2) Download GloMoSim from

3) Change into the glomosim-2.03/glomosim/main

    cd glomosim-2.03/glomosim/main

4) Build by typing:


To the set the environment variables edit the .bashrc in your home directory and type for example:

    export PCC_DIRECTORY="/home/mydir"

and save the .bashrc file. Logout and login again then type the following at the command line to make sure the environment variable is set:


you should see /home/mydir

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Everything was fine until make. After searching around I figured out that there was one thing left. sudo make install. Thanks – user1237591 Feb 28 '12 at 10:31

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