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I tried many way to solve this error in mxml but failed anyway: "Cannot resolve attribute 'colorChanged' for component type com.colorPicker.controls.colorclasses.ColorMap. AdvancedColorChooser.mxml"

<ColorPicker:ColorMap id="ColorSelector" modifier="{ColorModifier.value}" mode="{ColorMode}" value="{_value}" colorChanged="
   handleColorChange();  <!-- defined in the script region below -->



   internal function handleColorChange(arg1:flash.events.Event=null):void
      dispatchEvent(new flash.events.Event("changeEvent"));


How should I define the "colorChanged"?

Should I define colorChanged as an event in ColorMap.as? Like this,

internal function colorChanged(arg1:flash.events.Event=null):void

But I got syntax error parsing the mxml file :(

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Remove the line breaks: colorChanged="handleColorChange()" should do

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