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My case is when I am uploading file with size more than 4mb i want to display a friendly message to the user but when i accross this limit it dose not give me an error instead it takes me to :

  Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage 

what i am doing to check on file size is like that :

   if (FU_EnglishFile.PostedFile.ContentLength > int.Parse(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["MaxUploadSize"]))
                                lbl_InvalidFileMsg.Visible = true;
                                lbl_InvalidFileMsg.Visible = false;

where my file size from the web config is :

 <add key="MaxUploadSize" value="4194304" />

is there is any configuration should i set in the web config or something any help would be a appreciated

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Please use above code for less size like 3MB and then check the results.

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i found solution thanks for your reply –  Eslam Soliman Feb 28 '12 at 12:41
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I found an answer to the question :

kindly set this tag in the web config

    <httpRuntime executionTimeout="240" maxRequestLength="20480" />


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