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Im using JDom for creating and retrieving XML messages. I would like to encode an object into xml, say I have a User object class this

class User
    int id;
    String name;

User user;

Is there a method that will automatically parse an object like this into an XML document or do I have to manually set the elements of the XML document?

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XStream can do that for you.

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+1 for mentioning XStream – reevesy Feb 28 '12 at 11:44

As @Ashwini Raman mentions, you can use XStream,

If you need the Object to be converted to a JDOM Element before its output then here's an example of the code you would need.

  //Here I create a new user, you will already have one!
  User u = new User();
  XStream xStream = new XStream();
  //create an alias for User class otherwise the userElement will have the package 
  //name prefixed to it.
  String alias = User.class.getSimpleName();
  //add the alias for the User class
  xStream.alias(alias, User.class);

  //create the container element which the serialized object will go into
  Element container = new Element("container");
  //marshall the user into the container
  xStream.marshal(u, new JDomWriter(container));
  //now just detach the element, so that it has no association with the container
  Element userElement = (Element) container.getChild(alias).detach();
  //Optional, this prints the JDOM Element out to the screen, just to prove it works!
  new XMLOutputter().output(userElement, System.out);

As mentioned in the code you need to create a "container" element to put the object into. you then detach the marshalled JDOMElement from the container (There may be a way of skipping this step, if there is someone please feel free to edit this!) Then the JDOM Element userElement is ready to use.

The Alias

  String alias = User.class.getSimpleName();
  xStream.alias(alias, User.class);

Is necessary ortherwise the root User Element will have the package name prefixed to it



using the alias ensures that the element will just be the class name without the package name

derived from User.class.getSimpleName()

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