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I know that the question was asked many times, but I can find only the answer to the first part (having multiple machines). I've this situation:

A) Desktop PC: Windows XP Pro x86 - Visual Studio 2008

B) Laptop PC: Windows 7 Pro x64 - Visual Studio 2010

I think of using something like Mercurial (I've never worked with it before, but seems a good solution) , to keep the source code updated between the PCs. My question is: when on the machine A, for example I add a new file to the project, so to the VS 2008 project, is there a way to auto-update the VS 2010 project too or something similar?

many thanks in advance, Juri

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VS11 will support round-tripping with VS2010 solutions and projects, but not VS2010 with VS2008. –  ta.speot.is Feb 28 '12 at 11:01
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You should use a version control system (Mercurial, SVN Git..). And you could use CMake http://www.cmake.org/ to generate different VS Solutions from your project.

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