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I have imported a heap of users and their data to a django project. I need to assign a password to each. Is the such a snippet out there for password generation that will cope with the Django hash and salt?

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You can also use the built in function make_random_password

for user in new_users:
    password = User.objects.make_random_password()
    # email/print password
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Also notice that make_random_password() accepts keyword arguments length and allowed_chars. – benjaoming Jul 17 '13 at 20:01
import random
import string 
user.set_password(''.join([random.choice(string.digits + string.letters) for i in range(0, 10)]))
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Just use the API - django.contrib.auth.models.User has a .set_password() method. Here's an example (that I haven't tested, but you should get the idea):

from random import choice
from string import digits, letters
from django.contrib.auth.models import User

def _pw(length=6):
    s = ''
    for i in range(length):
        s += random.choice(digits + letters)
    return s

for user in User.objects.all(): # or .filter(...)
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Also you can use from django.utils.crypto import get_random_string out of auth module, it accepts keyword arguments length and allowed_chars as well.

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