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I know about ArgoUML, an UML modeling tool that needs java to run.

I'm looking for something similar but wich doesn't needs java.

Thank you in advance.

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Can I ask why the desire to avoid Java? Argo is pretty good, and it even comes with a Web-start package - you can set it up for one-click access without needing to deal with command lines. Just have a JRE with Web Start installed (and turn off automatic updates). –  Chris Kaminski Jun 4 '09 at 1:58
Because I have some homework to do using UML, I don't have installed JRE in my Win XP and I don't want to install it. And yes, if you will use UML regularly you must (at least) give a try to ArgoUML. –  eKek0 Jun 4 '09 at 2:08

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Try StarUML:

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StarUML is slow and weak. It wasn't able to import my project (it was obviously too large for him: 160k C++ lines). BOUML did this in 1 minute! –  anon Jun 4 '09 at 9:22

JUDE Community edition is terrific. Does the round trip for Java 5 if that's your implementation language.

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"Dia for Windows"

Dia is inspired by the commercial Windows program 'Visio', though more geared towards informal diagrams for casual use. It can be used to draw many different kinds of diagrams. It currently has special objects to help draw entity relationship diagrams, UML diagrams, flowcharts, network diagrams, and many other diagrams. It is also possible to add support for new shapes by writing simple XML files, using a subset of SVG to draw the shape.

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I strongly recommend BOUML. It's a free UML modelling application, which:

  • is extremely fast (fastest UML tool ever created, check out benchmarks),
  • has rock solid C++, Java, PHP and others import support,
  • is multiplatform (Linux, Windows, other OSes),
  • has a great SVG export support, which is important, because viewing large graphs in vector format, which scales fast in e.g. Firefox, is very convenient (you can quickly switch between "birds eye" view and class detail view),
  • is full featured, impressively intensively developed (look at development history, it's hard to believe that such fast progress is possible).
  • supports plugins, has modular architecture (this allows user contributions, looks like BOUML community is forming up)

Believe me, there is no better tool. StarUML is a retarded turtle compared to BOUML. ArgoUML simply doesn't work. Dia is a ergonomy^-1 software.

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This wiki list provides a pretty comprehensive list of free and pay UML tools, often you can tell if it runs natively in windows.

Oddly enough why whould you have a requirement to run natively? So just not Java. Too bad you can't choose by features or capabilities.

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I recommend GenMyModel, to create UML-compliant models online, without installing anything on your computer. It's a new UML online tool allowing to design UML2 models, export them and generate code. As it's entirely web-based, you don't need Java to use it, only a web browser.

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I recommend too –  benw2 Jan 28 at 14:35

Software Ideas Modeler (Non-Commercial Use) It is a perfect CASE tool.

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