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I'm new to WF but i've created a custom activity and i'd like to get the name / type of the current workflow. I've used context.WorkflowInstanceId to get the guid of the current work flow but i'd like to know the name as well i.e. "Workflow1".

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Workflows don't really have a name. They may come from a file that has a name or a nameless stream. You may want to establish your own "name" for the workflow perhaps by passing an argument etc.

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Quick question. Could you not markup the XAML with the x:Name attribute and possibly pull that off through reflection? I haven't fully baked this thought so it may not make a lot of sense - just off the top of my head. –  Michael Perrenoud Mar 1 '12 at 1:31

@RonJacobs is clearly 100% right here - but in addition to that if you're looking for the type of the workflow the activity is residing in (e.g. StateMachine vs. FlowChart) then you can refer to this post I answered recently. It uses private reflection to get the Parent and then pull the Type off of that.

Parent activity type for NativeActivity activities

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