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I have the following code it only works in IE6:

if(document.getElementById("IsOnline").value == 'True')
                    var mailBox = document.getElementById('CurrentMailBox').value;

                    var callObj = service.createCallOptions();
                    callObj.async = false;
                    callObj.params = new Array();
                    callObj.params.messageID = pmid;
                    callObj.params.mailBoxID = mailBox;
                    callObj.funcName = "GetPrivateMessageDetail";

                    var xml = service.svcIOra.callService(callObj);

                    var xmlDoc = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM");

                    toUserNames = getNodeValue(xmlDoc, "s_id_to_list");

                    fromUserNames = getNodeValue(xmlDoc, "s_id_from_list");
                    msgAttachment = getNodeValue(xmlDoc, "attachment_name");
                    attach_id = getNodeValue(xmlDoc, "attach_id");
                    msgBody = getNodeValue(xmlDoc, "msg_text");

                    //check to see if private message is invite message
                    var cfid = getNodeValue(xmlDoc, "confToJoin");
                    document.getElementById('ConferenceToJoin').value = cfid;

                    document.getElementById('JoinButton').style.display = (cfid!='') ? "inline" : "none";
                    document.getElementById('RejectButton').style.display = (cfid!='') ? "inline" : "none";

How can I make this work in Modern day browsers??

Any help would be great.


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What is service? How is it created? Why use Microsoft.XMLDOM? – Oded Feb 28 '12 at 11:40
possible duplicate of How to call webservice in javascript for firebox 3.0 – Shadow Wizard Feb 28 '12 at 11:43
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Have a look at the following or just try Googleing "Calling Webservices from javascript"

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