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I am currently working on a function for averaging images in MATLAB. But I feel that the following lines could be much simpler, only I don't know how.

    centroidImage(:,:,1) = double(centroidImage(:,:,1)) ./ alphaImage;
    centroidImage(:,:,2) = double(centroidImage(:,:,2)) ./ alphaImage;
    centroidImage(:,:,3) = double(centroidImage(:,:,3)) ./ alphaImage;

I get an error if I write it as:

    centroidImage = double(centroidImage) ./ alphaImage;

Because the dimensions don't match (alphaImage is [y x] and centroidImage is [y x 3]). Is there not a simpler, more efficient way to iterate the dimensions of the centroidImage variable, without having to explicitly state them all one by one?

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You can use bsxfun for this:

centroidImage = bsxfun(@rdivide,centroidImage,alphaImage);
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You can also use repmat on alphaImage:

centroidImage = double(centroidImage) ./ repmat(alphaImage,[1 1 3]);
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Indeed. But unless you don't have to support old Matlab versions, bsxfun is quite a bit more convenient, and, IIRC, faster. +1 anyway. –  Jonas Feb 28 '12 at 13:02
@Jonas, you are right, to tell the truth I like your answer more, and it was upvoted by me :) Just wanted to tell another option –  Andrey Feb 28 '12 at 13:14

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