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I'm new to XCode and looking to do something similar to Quicksilver's "Large Type" in my XCode OSX (not iOS) app.

I'd like to write a function that I can call with a single string, and it would display that string like Quicksilver would - leaving it on top of the screen until the user clicks or presses a key. If someone could give me some pointers on how to achieve this, that would be great.

(Note: I've read this question: Quicksilver Large Type, and am under the impression that I should create a window (maybe with a panel on which I update the text) and display the window and close it again, etc. I'd rather just write a quick function that will do this though - I don't want a main menu or window controls displayed.)


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I think this is what you're looking for:

More info on

It's not a simple function to call (thankfully - otherwise Mac apps would be full of this rather annoying feature*) - but at least you don't have to create it from a scratch.

* The only valid use for this behavior is arguably the same that Apple & QuickSilver do use it for.

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I noticed that the background color is not the same as QuickSilver's... – Pooria Azimi Feb 28 '12 at 14:24

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