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I am running several server instances on Amazon EC2, and wish to monitor them. The servers' run a Windows OS.

I am looking for a reliable service that can monitor these parameters:

  1. CPU usage.
  2. Memory load
  3. Webserver availability (i.e. that a certain URL is accessible).

The monitoring service needs to alert me by mail and SMS in real-time whenever there's a problem with one of these parameters.

An easy configuration is a plus.

Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!

P.S. We've been using Cloudkick for this purpose, but recently encountered too many false positives and false negatives when the system is under pressure and thus we're inspecting alternatives.

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I have used Nagios for a while. Easy to configure, has plug-ins for several web servers (for specific monitoring), easy to create new plug-ins. I recommend at least having a look at it.

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CopperEgg would be ideal for what you are looking for. You can easily monitor CPU and load and set up custom alerts to be sent via email or SMS. They also now have website monitoring.


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For future readers: We've decided to test a combined solution using RevealCloud for (1) and (2) and Pingdom for (3). Nevertheless, I'd love to hear about other solutions and proposals.

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Given that you have already put servers ( Windows Instances in EC2 ) for the Points (1) & (2) (CPU Usage & Memory Load ) -> cloud watch coupled with SNS notification would do the trick.

For (3) - URL Accessibility you can use services like Pingdom or MonitorUS

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