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I am trying to run shell script using Cygwin and Java. I am getting the following error

    mkfs.cramfs: command not found 
lib/tgzcreator.sh: line 346: [: -eq: unary operator expected

Can anyone suggest a solution? Do I need to install some other package in Cygwin?

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mkfs is a program for managing file systems. Cygwin can't do that; the package just doesn't exist.

You'll need to look inside the script and port it to work on Cygwin. If that's even possible; if it's trying to do work with file systems you might just not be able to use it at all.

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Thanks for reply,mkfs.cramfs is included in util package. Now i am able to run the mkfs command. –  Code Hungry Mar 1 '12 at 7:10
@niraj: That surprises me, but fair enough. If you have a solution, post it as an answer to this question and mark it as accepted, so other people will be able to find it more easily. –  me_and Mar 1 '12 at 10:57

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