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I have written one function in User Mapper class userExist($username) which return true if same username does not exist in my database table. Now I want to use this function in the Add_User_Form class which extends Zend_Form.

I want to use:

$username = $this->createElement('text','username');
         ->addValidator('Callback', true, array('callback'=>userExist???));

Can I use mapper class userExist($username) function as callback function? Please let me know if I am doing something wrong with my implementation. I just want to show error messages if a user is already registered and prevent form submission.

Thank you.

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Instead of using a callback validator, you can use a standard validator:

$element->addValidator('Db_NoRecordExists', true, array('users', 'username'))

Db_NoRecordExists allows you to check whether a record exists in a specific table of your database.

If a user want to edit his profile, you might want to check if a record exists except itself. Then you should use the same validator as follow:

$where = array('users', 'username', array('field' => 'username', 'value' => $username));
$element->addValidator('Db_NoRecordExists', true, $where)

In these example, users is the name of your database table. username is your column name and $username the username you want to exclude.

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Hey @Liyali I am inside the class that extends zend form abstract. How can I get that value $username? Sorry if silly question. – Rajan Rawal Feb 28 '12 at 13:28
What do you mean? I guess you're talking about Zend_Form. $usernameis simply the current user's username, you can pass it to your form using its constructor. Note that you don't need to use this if you're just trying to check weither a user exists or not. – Liyali Feb 28 '12 at 13:33
See I am adding a new user ok. i hv used only if ($form->isValid($request->getPost())) All is handled by this isvalid method. So how can i get entered user name value it add user form class. Can I get it by using $this->getValue('username') – Rajan Rawal Feb 28 '12 at 13:43
If you're adding a new user, $element->addValidator('Db_NoRecordExists', true, array('users', 'username')) is enough for your needs. You just need to add this line to your username element, and change 'users' to your table name and 'username' to your column name. – Liyali Feb 28 '12 at 13:47
hurrreeyy, Its working now. i got error msg "A record matching 'rajan_123' was found". Thank you. I have one more question. at adding new user all form fields we create are blank, but what if I want to edit existing record and load form with form values? Because before this I was using HTML form, not such zend form... Thank you. – Rajan Rawal Feb 28 '12 at 14:00

Bit late but this may be a possible answer to your question.

Date Element example:

I created a date element with a custom Callback validator that calls a method in the same form class.

// Date picker from
$datePickerFrom = new Zend_Form_Element_Text('date_picker_from_date');
    ->setLabel('Valid From')
    ->addValidator('Callback',true, array('callback' => array($this, 'dateCheck'));
$datePickerFrom->getValidator('Callback')->setMessage("'%value%' Cannot be in the past.");

If you have your own class with custom validators in it then you can do this:

$myValidatorClass = new \SomeValidaotrClass();
->addValidator('Callback',true, array('callback' => array($myValidatorClass, 'dateCheck'));

In the same form class I created the custom validation method:

public function dateCheck($value, $elements, $option)
    $now = new DateTime();
    $fromDate = new DateTime(str_replace('/', '-', $elements['date_picker_from_date']));        

    if ($fromDate < $now) {
        $this->getElement('date_picker_from_date')->getValidator('Callback')->setMessage("'%value%' Cannot be in the past.");
        return false;
    } else (SomethingElse) {
           $this->getElement('date_picker_from_date')->getValidator('Callback')->setMessage("Some other message.");

    return true;

Or if you are using your own class:

class SomeValidaotrClass
    public function dateCheck($value, $elements, $option)
        // Validation code...

If the methods aren't public the Callback will not find them.

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