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let's say I have a factory bean:

<bean id="myFactory" class="" lazy-init="true">
  <property name="myProperty" ref="propA">

Let's say propA is a bean injected by IOC used in the factory method. And I have 2 beans generated from this factory:

<bean id="bean1" factory-bean="myFactory" factory-method="instance"/>
<bean id="bean2" factory-bean="myFactory" factory-method="instance"/>

How can I make bean2 to use a different myProperty than bean1 without using a different factory method? Or, how can I pass propA as a parameter to the factory-method from the bean1 or bean2 configuration?

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This can be achieved in a slightly different way:

class MyFactory {
    public Bean instance(MyProperty myProperty) {
        return //...

Now you can use counterintuitive syntax like following:

<bean id="bean1" factory-bean="myFactory" factory-method="instance">
    <constructor-arg ref="propA"/>
<bean id="bean2" factory-bean="myFactory" factory-method="instance">
    <constructor-arg ref="propB"/>

Believe it or not but propA and propB will be used as instance() method arguments.

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