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When I've user Add Page Tab Dialog, I've passed redirect_uri like this


when the dialog come back, it strips the token variable, so the url looks like


the token variable lost,

any body have any idea why this happen?

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Might be a bug or the forward-slash. Try adding an extra param at the end that you don't care about or removing the forward-slash


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I've tried adding additional variable, the variables totally stripped, except the first one, the forward-slash is required, and I've no problem with it – Ahmed Gaber Feb 28 '12 at 14:11

One option is to put all your needed variables in a single base64 string and pass that guy over as your single querystring parameter.

Pseudo-code would be:

data = toBase64String("action&token=123456789")
redirect_uri = "http://MYSITE/?data=" + data;

Then you decode it wherever you redirect to.

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