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I want to know, what text do I have to input in the .emacs file so that it uses a especific font (like the clean 5x8) on the new frames, such as with the speedbar. I can modify the speedbar font size and type by using SHIFT-LeftClick but I want it to stay by default.

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Thanks a lot for all of you guys, each one of the answers helped me in some way. Having just used emacs for a couple of months, it's proving to be really helpfull. With the exception of code completion like in most IDEs, emacs has a lot of features that I could never figure out without swimming thru the web. Best regards and hope to continue to make a good use of SO! –  darksonxd Jun 4 '09 at 12:20
Aha, another one turned to the One True Editor. Have a look at the EMACS Wiki for more fun (like code completion modes): emacswiki.org –  Charlie Martin Jun 4 '09 at 14:17
Thnx :) I've been wandering thru the Wiki for a while, but it's quite a lot of info to catch in just a few sessions overseas while making a simple Pong clone in C++ with OpenGL and SDL. I still have to get the main terms right (even more difficult, being that my native language is not english). But...i think that i'll get the hang of it eventually :) –  darksonxd Jun 4 '09 at 21:22

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There are several choices. Perhaps the easiest is to use Customize to change the default frame font. Choose Customize from the menu, use a regex to find default-frame-alist.

Set the Font property (You may have to add it to the list.) Mine is set as


Second choice is to actually set the default-frame-alist in your .emacs.

Here's a hint: set up your current frame the way you like it, then type

(pp (current-frame-configuration))^J

in the *scratch* buffer to find out all the frame parameters.

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Customize option default-frame-alist. End of story.

For font changes, see this page: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/SetFonts.

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If you work in non-Debian linux, another way to set up a default font for emacs is to add emacs customisation to the file ~/.Xdefaults (in Debian, any file in /etc/X11/Xresources/ is used; for example, /etc/X11/Xresources/emacs):

emacs*font: 7x14

which may be followed by different other options:

emacs*Background: DarkSlateGray
emacs*Foreground: Wheat
emacs*pointerColor: Orchid
emacs*cursorColor: Orchid
emacs*bitmapIcon: on
emacs.geometry: 100x40

The name of the font above is not explicit, in some situations you may need to specify it explicitly, such as

emacs.font -*-*-medium-r-normal--14-130-75-75-c-70-fontset-startup

The exact name of your preferred font can obtain, as in the above answer, by typing

(pp (current-frame-configuration))^J

in the *scratch* buffer. You would need to reload X.

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No need to reload X. Make changes to ~/.Xdefaults, as suggested above. Close emacs. Run the command: xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults. Restart emacs. –  Prakash K May 12 '10 at 0:43
(eval-after-load 'speedbar
  (add-to-list 'speedbar-frame-parameters '(font . "5x8")))


M-x customize-variable
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Here is GNU Emacs 22.3.1. There is no variable speedbar-frame-alist –  volodyako Jun 4 '09 at 13:18
Sorry, should be <code>'speedbar-frame-parameters</code>. I am running Emacs-23 pretest; not sure if it's in Emacs-22.3. –  huaiyuan Jun 4 '09 at 19:44

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