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I'm having problems saving a model record created from the data of a form. Getting the data from the form using <Model>.fromForm(form) works, as it includes all values. However, when I'm saving the record it only saves the cid of the record, nothing else.

This is what the record looks like when logging it:

cid: "c-0"
email: "something"
password: "something"
password2: "something"
username: "something"
__proto__: ctor

What am I doing wrong?

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Is an AJAX call made to the server? If so, are you sure it isn't a problem with the server? – SpoBo Mar 8 '12 at 12:31

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I am not using JavaScript myself, but try using @setup instead of @configure

The Spince.js docs say:

@setup(name, [attributes...])

Alternative method for creating a new model class. This is a JavaScript compatibility feature, and shouldn't be used in CoffeeScript.

var User = Model.setup("User", ["first_name", "last_name"])

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Are you configuring all the attributes of the model properly? You need to make sure to tell Spine what the model's attributes are like so:

class App.User extends Spine.Model
  @configure 'User', 'account_email', 'default_forwarding_address', 'forwarding_addresses'

I've run into issues where Spine doesn't "save" an attribute just because I forgot to configure it properly. Let me know if that helps!

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Yes, naturally. The configuration looks like this: var User = Spine.Model.sub(); User.configure('User', ['email','username','password','password2']); User.extend(Spine.Model.Ajax); And then the form inputs have the corresponding names, otherwise I wouldn't be able to get the data at all. – Pierre Wahlgren Feb 29 '12 at 8:26
I would say that @fholgado probably has the right answer. Try taking your attributes out of the array brackets, I think that should do it. – Mitch Mar 11 '12 at 21:02

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