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i have a problem when run django on apache:


url(r'^$', 'index', name="h_index"),
url(r'^about/$', 'about', name="h_about"),
url(r'^contact/$', 'contact', name="h_contact"),
url(r'^archive/$', 'archive', name="h_archive"),


(r'^', include('apps.homepage.urls')),


import os
import os.path
import sys


os.environ['DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE'] = 'blog.settings'

import django.core.handlers.wsgi
application = django.core.handlers.wsgi.WSGIHandler()


Alias /static/ "D:/Coding/xampp/htdocs/blog/static/"
WSGIScriptAlias /blog/ "D:/Coding/xampp/htdocs/blog/django.wsgi"

when i run "localhost/blog", it's working. But run "localhost/blog/about/" or other, it's error:

[error] [client ::1] Target WSGI script not found or unable to stat:   .../htdocs/blog/django.wsgiabout, referer: http://localhost/blog/
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Please notice how your apache configuration doesn't match the documented syntax for mod_wsgi's WSGIScriptAlias.

WSGIScriptAlias /blog/ "D:/Coding/xampp/htdocs/blog/django.wsgi"

should be:

WSGIScriptAlias /blog "D:/Coding/xampp/htdocs/blog/django.wsgi"

(notice no trailing slash after the 2nd token, "/blog")

I just resolved the same issue just now and found this thread Googling. Hope this helps you and future users.

For more information:

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I would suspect you are not loading the wsgi module. If you look closely at your error message Apache is treating it like a file and adding about to the name of the wsgi script file it looks for - thus it doesn't find it.

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wsgi module? LoadModule wsgi_module modules/mod_wsgi.so – rocky Feb 29 '12 at 9:44

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