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How do I replace "./" with ""? I tried:

String s = "./";

Why won't the above work for me?

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If you are 'normalizing' paths, the easiest way (although not the fastest, if in large quantities):

new File(string).getCanonicalPath();

it not only removes ./ but also interprets ../ and such (and in Windows, changes '/' to '\')

If it's a link, use URL

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Thanks!This helps a lot! –  ıɯɐƃoʇ ǝızuǝʞ Feb 28 '12 at 20:31

String instances are immutable in Java, so s.replaceAll() does not modify s but will return a new String with the changes requested:

String s = "./";
String s_modified = s.replaceAll("\\./", "");
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It works but you should do :

s = s.replaceAll("\\./","");
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