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I recently noticed that I'm prepending __PACKAGE__ and sub/method name to most croak()'s messages because it makes tracking down errors easier. So I started writing a _croak() wrapper that adds this by default (using caller(1)).


sub _croak {
    my ($msg) = shift // '';
    $msg = (caller 1)[3].': '.$msg
        unless ref $msg;

Now every (textual) exception is attributed both to the point where my module was misused (e.g. bad parameter passed), and to the module itself.

And the question: is there a standard module/technique for this? (Full stack traces aka confess() are overkill most of the time).

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Instead of getting croak to add caller information, I let my logger do it. Log4perl let's me set the format for the messages I care to log. croak does its job, and the logger lets me peek at what's going on.

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A standard technique is to keep generating simple exceptions, and turn them into stacktraces only when needed by loading Carp::Always::Color from the command-line.

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