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Can someone explain what this is doing please?

foreach($_POST['Detail'] as $i_Detail => &$a_Detail)

Of course I get the prinicple of the foreach, but this looks to me like it's trying to iterate through a single element of an array!

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So, what's actually happening here is this foreach loop is pulling the key and value into the loop. If we assume the variable $_POST['detail'] is an array that looks like this:

$_POST['detail']['name'] = 'Joe';
$_POST['detail']['last'] = 'Smith';

When the foreach loop is called,

foreach($_POST['Detail'] as $i_Detail => &$a_Detail)

$i_Detail is the key of the array. So, in this case on the first pass it would be name and on the following pass it would be last. $a_Detail is the value of the array at that key - so first pass it would be Joe, last pass it would be Smith.

Typically you see it denoted as foreach($item as $key=>$value) - which definitely gives a better representation of what is happening there.

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Thanks for the thorough explaination! –  bukko Feb 28 '12 at 16:01

The single element of the array may itself be an array.

Edit: Also, you're passing the value stored in the array by reference, so whatever you do to $a_detail in the loop will actually alter the value in the array it represents.

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with html inputs, you can actually pass arrays to php,

<input name="Detail[a]" />
<input name="Detail[b]" />
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