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I have embedded string resources in my .NET 4.0 project: Strings.resx and Strings.de.resx.

In production code the correct localised strings are retrieved, dependent on the value of Strings.Culture:

Strings.Culture = new Culture("de");
string deString = Strings.Welcome;  // 'Willkommen'
Strings.Culture = new Culture("en");
string enString = Strings.Welcome;  // 'Welcome'

But in my unit test code (using MSTest) the strings from 'Strings.de.resx' are never returned - I only ever get the strings from Strings.resx, no matter what the values of Strings.Culture or Threads.CurrentThread.CultureUICulture.

Can anybody help?

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This usually means that satellite assemblies don't get deployed. What testing framework do you use? For MSTest everything seems to be deployed properly. If something wasn't, you could use DeploymentItemAttribute. –  Primary Key Mar 2 '12 at 9:49
I'm using MSTest (updated question accordingly). The resx files have Build Action = 'Embedded Resource' in the assembly being tested. How should I use the DeploymentItemAttribute? –  GarethOwen Mar 2 '12 at 12:03

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Ok, I was able to reproduce this issue. First of all try to disable deployment. Go to "local.testsettings" and uncheck Deployment -> Enable Deployment. When this flag is checked, VS doesn't seem to be deploying satellite assemblies for me. If you do need some deployment item, use DeploymentItemAttribute:

   @".\YourProject\bin\Debug\de\YourProject.resources.dll", @".\de\")]

or use the same "Deployment" tab to select appropriate satellite assemblies.

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thanks for your help - I'll try it out –  GarethOwen Mar 2 '12 at 12:40

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