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I have absolutely no experience with MySQL Full Text matching, so there's a good chance the issue I am having is due to my ignorance. I have a data set in a MyISAM table that holds a hierarchy of Regions, and I want to be able to search these regions based upon very simple search terms. For example, the query

select *, Match(Name) Against('New*' IN BOOLEAN MODE) as rank from RegionSearch where Match(Name) Against('New*' IN BOOLEAN MODE);


Screenshot of output 1

Searching the Database for anything where the name is like 'New%' returns

Screenshot of output 2

How can I be sure to I am matching everything I need to match using Full Text Searching?

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Just make double check your Engine Type

Other wise run bellow Query.


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I Created this table explicitly as a MyISAM table. This table actually mirrors the contents of another table which uses INNODB, and is to be updated once an hour and used only for searching. –  Brendon Dugan Feb 28 '12 at 15:42

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