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I'm using automatic php class to gets the keywords from my website page content and the out put is exactly like

$text = "blah word1 blah word2 blah word3 blah"
$keywords = "word1, word2, word3";

echo $keywords;

and let suppose i've

$url = "";

Now i've gonna convert all that keywords that inside my text content into links by adding those keywords into array as follow

$keyword_array = array(
"word1" => $url,
"word2" => $url,
"word3" => $url

The question now is how then to convert

$keywords = "word1, word2, word3";


$keyword_array = array(
"word1" => $url",
"word2" => $url,
"word3" => $url

since content and keywords indeed differ from page to page and can't do manually !

I've been thinking of using explode for $keywords but i don't know how to do it any help ~ thanks

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Assuming that the URL is the same for all keywords:

$keywords = "word1, word2, word3";
$url = "your url goes here";

$keyarr = array_map('trim', explode(",", $keywords));
$keyarr = array_combine($keyarr, array_fill(0, count($keyarr), $url));

As an added bonus, this will work correctly regardless of the presence of spaces near the commas in the keyword list.

See it in action.

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~ thanks a lot - the idea is very smart and i've added into my website and tested , works perfect :) – Jack Ben Feb 28 '12 at 15:27
foreach (explode(",", $keywords) as $keyword) {
    $keyword_array[trim($keyword)] = $url;
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