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I'm sick of reinventing the wheel. Surely there is a standard schema out there for addresses, eg.


It would be nice if it could take into account international addresses as well, eg. country, postal-code instead of zip, province, etc.

Equivalent schemas for telephone numbers, email address, etc. would be nice too.

Anyone can develop such a simple schema in a day (and revise it as their system grows) but I'm surprised that there don't seem to be standards. It shouldn't have to solve every case -- just the 90%. (Maybe that's why any attempt to standardize has failed.)

I found XSSTL, but it's focussed more on validating individual elements.

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Have you read this?

After reading it, it should be clear that developing a good standard would take a lot longer than a day. The main problem here is that a standard that does the job properly would also be very complex.

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Sure, but because the requirements are very complex, I think there is a rather strong demand for one standard than everybody re-inventing (bumpy) wheels themselves. If there were one XML schema in which addresses are stored, you could modularize their formatting with a nifty XSLT template that you could update every now and then. – Tim Landscheidt Mar 3 '12 at 19:24

Actually this has been solved already through RFC 6350 ( – vCard Format Specification), which is how all your contacts in your phone, and typically computer, are exchanged. It works internationally, because it allows loose interpretation of contact data between localisation standards, (i.e. I currently have Japanese, Finnish, German, and British addresses in my address book without confusing representation. Unfortunately RFC 6350 isn't Web friendly.

Thankfully, the good folk working on web standards have developed a schema for the modern semantic Web that is simply an XML / RDF representation of RFC 6350, which can be found at

The Semantic Web is awesome.

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Here's what looks quite a usable attempt:

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The Federal Geographic Data Committee does have a standard schema published: United States Thoroughfare, Landmark, and Postal Data Standard (General Address Type 3 looks like about the detail you were asking about),

but since you specified international, I would take a look at Google's Geocoding API

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