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I have a string with the path to a .ipa file:

set ipa_path to POSIX path of ipa_file

Now I want to:

  1. Un-zip the .ipa file (its really a zip file)

  2. Replace a file in the zip called "embedded.mobileprovision" with a new version of the file.

  3. Re-zip the file and replace the original ipa file.

So for I have:

do shell script "unzip " & ipa_path

Is this right so far? I just started to learn AppleScript today ...

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You don't really need AppleScript for this. The command line zip utility has the -r option to replace existing files (of the same name and relative path) within a zip archive. Here's a quote from the man page man zip:

if foo.zip exists and contains foo/file1 and foo/file2, and the
directory  foo  contains the files foo/file1 and foo/file3, then:
   zip -r foo.zip foo
will  replace foo/file1 in foo.zip and add foo/file3 to foo.zip.

Of course, you can still wrap the calls to zip in AppleScript do shell script commands.

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