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Is there any method in R to find out what data-sets have been attached. In my work flow i use the console and build a script. I try out the lines of code in console and once i am satisfied with the results, i add them to a script so that I can reproduce the results later. For past week i have been playing with a few data-sets. I think I attached and detached a number of them over time. But now I need to know what data-sets are current attached, so that I can detach them.

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I guess you are searching for the search() command. This should show the attached dataframes and packages you have included.

also type help(search) and check what it is doing.

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Hey @zipzip, nice!! I did not know about this. This does it perfectly. –  Sam Feb 28 '12 at 15:53

Use search() to find out which objects are attached.

Since this will also tell you about all packages that are attached, you can use a regular expression to remove the packages from the search results:

Attach mtcars:

The following object(s) are masked from 'package:ggplot2':


Now use search() and a regexp:

attached <- search()
attached[!grepl("package", attached)]
[1] ".GlobalEnv"    "mtcars"        "tools:rstudio" "Autoloads" 
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To avoid this problem it is better to not use attach and detach for datasets. You can also run into the problem of having the same variable defined in 2 or more attached datasets (and possibly the global environment) and accidentally getting the wrong one. It is better to use the data argument to functions like plot and lm and use functions like with, within, and transform for other cases. Then R will always look first in the specified dataset and not leave it attached afterwards.

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