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I'm having a trouble figuring out how to access a variable in a class << self from another class. I've searched and found many questions close to this but not exactly:

class << self

class A
  puts @@var

I've even tried creating class A within class << self with no luck either. How can I access @@var?

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This seems like an XY problem. You haven't really given us enough context to understand what problem you're actually trying to solve. Please help us understand the big picture, and show us the actual code you're trying to make work. (Incidentally, your example code works just fine entered directly into irb (Ruby 1.9.2), further proof that we need real code to help you solve your actual problem.) –  Jordan Feb 28 '12 at 16:33

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You can do this:

class << self

self.class.class_variable_get :@@var

But I'm really skeptical that you actually need to use a class variable in a singleton class. It seems complicated. Maybe you could ask another question explaining what you're really trying to do.

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Thanks for your replies... –  FrankN Feb 28 '12 at 17:04
Sorry for my last post... still learning how to use the site. But yes you're both right that what I'm trying to do is more complex but I was trying to simplify the question. Especially since I'm a newb to rubuy, classes and programming in general. :) What I'm actually doing is writting a plugin for Sketchup, and the code I have to begin with resides in class << self and I'm adding a new class called class Tool and I need to access some variables that reside inside class << self. I hope that helps. –  FrankN Feb 28 '12 at 17:16

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