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I made this little function:

public String getDay() {

    String day = (String)android.text.format.DateFormat.format("E", new    java.util.Date());
    return day; 

I know that the android.text.format.DateFormat.form("E", new java.util.Date()); Returns a CharSequence, but is there any problem regarding casting this from a sequence of char's?

I used the function like this:

String day = getDay();
if(day == "Tue") {
        Toast.makeText(TaxiFaresActivity.this, day + " inside the if", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show(); 

But it seems to me that I ever get into the function?

If I but the Toast outside, I get the following Toast


Which is right? Why doesn't the program jumps right into the if-sentence?

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compare Strings by equals (day.equals("Tue")) –  Vyacheslav Shilkin Feb 28 '12 at 16:23

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In java == means you are comparing addresses not content so use equals when comparing objects:

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You should compare strings using .equals() I guess?

See for instance: http://www.leepoint.net/notes-java/data/strings/12stringcomparison.html

compare Strings for equality, don't use ==. The == operator checks to see if two objects are exactly the same object. Two strings may be different objects, but have the same value (have exactly the same characters in them). Use the .equals() method to compare strings for equality. Similarly, use the .compareTo() method to test for unequal comparisons. \

For example,
String s = "something", t = "maybe something else";
if (s == t) // Legal, but usually WRONG.
if (s.equals(t)) // RIGHT
if (s > t) // ILLEGAL
if (s.compareTo(t) > 0) // CORRECT>

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you can use

    Toast.makeText(TaxiFaresActivity.this, day + " inside the if", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

Or You can Use

        Toast.makeText(TaxiFaresActivity.this, day + " inside the if", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

Try this These functions are very accurate for matching string.

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