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I'm playing with Linq-SQL and would like to display my data in a TreeView on a form. I'm also using .net 3.5, if that matters.

Now, my question - is there a better way to populate this treeview? The way I'm doing it now is like this (psuedo):

for each order
  OrderNode = new TreeViewNode

  for each product in order
     ProductNode = new TreeViewNode


Thanks in advance!

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Here is a rough way to create the nodes given recursion (in lovely mashed up half-psuedo)

private void CreateNodeAndInvestigateChildrenOfNode(HierarchyData data)
        //does this node have children???
        if (data.HasChildren)
            //get children
            IEnumerable<ChildRecord> childUsers = GetChildRecordsForData(data);
            foreach (child in childUsers)
	  HierarchyData newNode = new HierarchyData ();
                newNode.ParentNode = data;
                newNode.ThisData = child;


Find your root node and call the method.

If you use the interfaces IHierarchyData and IHierarchicalEnumerable and build the nodes with classes implementing these the treenode will accept this as a direct data source.

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Hey, that's a better way than what I was doing! Thanks :) – josha76 Jun 5 '09 at 5:39

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