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I implemented a game which now really looks nice in PlayN-java.

Now I compiled it to HTML5 - and it just looks awful.

My main problem: I use dynamically generated texts like:

bonusLayer.add(new Label("Bonus: " + bonus, Styles.make(
                            Font.Style.BOLD, 20)), Style.HALIGN.left,

These texts look very blurred and grainy (only in HTML5) - especially when I work with fonts with size < 20. Reason in the rendering machine. I cannot generate images for every text, since I have many different information I want to show.

So is there any solution for my problem e.g. are there fonts which are rendered more sharpely than other fonts?

Is there any way to make my font sharper?

Thank you very much!

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Update: If've seen on the PlayN roadmap that Bitmap font support (possibly external library) is already on the wish list. So is there any workaround until it's finished? –  user1141785 Feb 29 '12 at 7:22
Are the fonts rendered with HTML-WebGL sharper than the fonts rendered with HTML5-canvas? –  user1141785 Feb 29 '12 at 7:31

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