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I am trying to use https://github.com/rifraf/Vendorize which is run using a command like

D:\projects\SomeLibrary\lib>ruby -I..\..\Vendorize\lib -rvendorize some_lib.rb

It does something clever where it intercepts required files and logs them, but only the ones that get executed in your command line. On it's documentation pages it says

You can run the program several times with different options if the required files depend on the options.

Or just run your tests…

I want to run all the tests with the -I function from the command line above, so that all the different avenues of code are run, and the libraries loaded (and logged). Given that I can run them like:

D:\projects\SomeLibrary\lib>rspec ..\spec\some_spec.rb

How do I do this? Thanks!

NB: I am a/ a ruby newbie and b/ running windows

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I would try writing something like this at the top of some_spec.rb:

require_relative '..\..\Vendorize\lib\vendorize'

You might need to change that a bit depending on what your working directory is.

Then just runs your specs with rspec as you normally do without any extra commands.

If that doesn't work, then locate the rspec.rb executable and run:

ruby -I..\..\Vendorize\lib -rvendorize path/to/rspec.rb ..\spec\some_spec.rb
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