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I have a large amount of POIs at the same spot (e.g. the same district). If i zoom out the map i want to group these nearby POIs to one big Spot so that the map doesn't get filled up with pois.

For example: http://developer.mapquest.com/web/documentation/sdk/flash/v7.0/poi#poidecluttering

But instead of decluttering them i want to group them into 1 bigger spot.

Is there a way to do this?

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I think you are looking for the Super POI functionality. This example is included in the Flash Samples Explorer application that can be found on the MapQuest Developer Network.

Also, I've found the forums to be helpful, too, so just wanted to note that it is another resource that you can use when you have questions.

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Thanks for your replay but this wasn't exactly what i'm looking for. I thought there may be an automatic mechanism which groups nearby POI so that the map does not gets crowded. For example: link. If you download the app, go to "Tanken" (refill gas) and pan to Austria you will find gas stations as POIs on a map. If you zoom out they turn into big points with numbers in them. –  flecki89 Mar 5 '12 at 12:30

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