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I got this file on my site calld BattleX.air, Now when you click on it on my site you get all weird drawings. Here: http://xedus.nl/download/BattleX.air

i tried <a href="download/BattleX.air"> but it wont download. just show some random text How can i fix this?

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Zip the file and link to that. –  Travesty3 Feb 28 '12 at 17:14

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You need to configure your server so that it knows about .air files. It is claiming:

Content-Type: text/plain

Your browser is therefore trying to render it as plain text.

I don't know what the correct MIME type for this file format is. If there isn't an official one you should use application/octet-stream.

The specifics of how to configure your server will depend on the server you are using. On many *NIX platforms you can edit the file /etc/mime.types.

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Follow these instructions. Essentially, you need to set Content-Disposition: attachment; in your PHP header, in addition to setting the Content-Type.

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