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How I can simply make an arc with a label in 3D Matlab plot? I have two 3D vectors (plot::Arrow3d)and I want to name an angle between them and I want to show it on 3D plot.

Edit1: I use MuPad to render my drawing, I suppose to draw the arc between two vectors by plot::Arc3d(1, [0,0,0], n, al..bet). where n is simple to find. But I completely don't understand where the arc angle starts in 3D. Does somobody can show me how to find the zero angle.

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Short answer, use the text function.

See if this gets you started:

%A couple of random points in 3 space
xyz1 = randn(3,1);
xyz2 = randn(3,1);

%Set up a figure, and create "arrow" plots within
hold on
quiver3(0,0,0,xyz1(1), xyz1(2), xyz1(3),0,'b')
quiver3(0,0,0,xyz2(1), xyz2(2), xyz2(3),0,'r')

%Add a line connecting teh arrows, and a text label
plot3([xyz1(1) xyz2(1)], [xyz1(2) xyz2(2)], [xyz1(3) xyz2(3)],'k:')
xyzCenter = mean([xyz1 xyz2],2);
h = text(xyzCenter(1), xyzCenter(2), xyzCenter(3), 'Label text here');
get(h);  %For more properties to set
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Thank you, but it does not work in MuPad. Mb you know how to do that here? –  itun Feb 28 '12 at 18:21
Sorry, I have not used MuPad and I can't spend too much time on stackoverflow research today. Good luck. –  Pursuit Feb 28 '12 at 18:43

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