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Is anyone aware of a technique I could use to override someone opening an email attachment within an outlook add-in?

Essentially what I'm being asked to do, is for certain attachments, to change the behavior so instead of opening the attachment the user is redirected to a webpage.

I can hook into the attachment context menu with Application.AttachmentContextMenuDisplay however that is not fired if the user simply double clicks on an email attachment.

Environment used is VS2010, c#, and outlook 2007/2010.

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You should take a look at the ItemEvent BeforeAttachmentRead and BeforeAttachmentPreview. See this related post for reference.

((Outlook.ItemEvents_10_Event)MailItem).BeforeAttachmentRead += new Outlook.ItemEvents_10_BeforeAttachmentReadEventHandler(ItemEvents_BeforeAttachmentRead);
((Outlook.ItemEvents_10_Event)MailItem).BeforeAttachmentPreview += new Outlook.ItemEvents_10_BeforeAttachmentPreviewEventHandler(ItemEvents_BeforeAttachmentPreview);
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SilverNinja, That is almost exactly what I need. However with many types of attachments when double clicking in outlook you get a Open/Save/Cancel dialog. The open handler fires if they then click Open, but if they click "Save", they are prompted for a filename before the BeforeAttachmentWriteToTempFile event fires, and setting "cancel=true" in the handler causes outlook to pop a dialog "Outlook can not save the file". Ideally I'd like to get a handler to when they double click attachment, before the "Open/Save/Cancel" dialog to avoid this confusing behavior. – eoldre Feb 28 '12 at 19:16

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