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I am attempting to package and sign a BlackBerry webworks application from within the Ripple emulator (I've also tried this with bbwp).

Packaging works fine, but signing returns the really helpful error message [ERROR] Signing failed.

I have installed the three csi files using SignatureTool (java -jar SignatureTool.jar client-Rxx-xxx.csi).

I've tried running bbwp in verbose mode, and it was as unhelpful.

No errors.
[INFO]              Starting signing tool
[ERROR]             Signing failed

Have I missed out a step?

What are the possible causes for this error?

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I have managed to get package & sign working on the command line using bbwp. I'm not sure why it's working this way, and also why it's still not working in Ripple.


  • Requested new signing keys from Blackberry (I imagine this step wasn't necessary)
  • Installed each of the three keys using SignatureTool.jar found in the BlackBerry Webworks SDK/bin directory: java -jar SignatureTool.jar ~/BB/client-RBB-xxx.csi
  • Package using Ripple
  • Signed as follows: ./bbwp ~/BB/ -g -v -o ~/BB/output with being the package produced by Ripple.
  • Results in a packaged and signed app which can be tested on a device. Happy.
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'No errors.' '[INFO] Parsing command line option' '[ERROR] cannot sign application : failed to find signing key'

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