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I am trying to do a count of files by date. The date is a field in the file name itself e.g.


This is what I did:

find . -name '*VER' |awk -F~ '{print $11}'|uniq -c

This is the output I get:

  1 20120222
  3 20120222
  3 20120224
  3 20120224
  3 20120225
  5 20120225

But I want to sum up the counts like so

  4 20120222
  6 20120224
  8 20120225

How can I do that?


A simple search with

find . -name '*VER' 


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could you provide the result of find . -name '*VER' ? Or a sensible subset? –  wreckgar23 Feb 28 '12 at 17:38

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That's exactly what uniq -c should do. If it isn't working it's because your input isn't sorted. Try this:

find . -name '*VER' |awk -F~ '{print $11}'|sort|uniq -c
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I guess I was close to figuring it out...lol. Accepted and voted up. Thank you!!! –  Chris Feb 28 '12 at 17:48

Here is my solution, which skips the uniq command:

find ... | awk -F~ '{count[$11]++} END{for (d in count) {print count[d], d}}

The strategy is to create an array called count, using the dates as indices. At the end, print them out.

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