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In the App_Code folder in my ASP.NET 2.0 Web Site, I have a custom webeventprovider that inherits from BufferedWebEventProvider -

public class MyCustomEventProvider : BufferedWebEventProvider
  public override void ProcessEvent(WebBaseEvent eventRaised)
    throw new NotImplementedException();

  public override void ProcessEventFlush(WebEventBufferFlushInfo flushInfo)
    throw new NotImplementedException();

In my web.config, I have the following -

<add name="AllErrors" eventName="All Errors" provider="MyProvider" />
<clear />
<add name="MyProvider" type="MyCustomEventProvider" buffer="false" />

When I try to build my web site, VS 2005 comes back with an error stating that it "Could not load type 'MyCustomEventProvider'". What am I doing wrong that is causing this error?


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And it looks like I cannot have the source code for the custom WebEventProvider in the App_Code folder. Thanks to this blog post for that answer

"Put the assembly containing the custom provider implementation in the application's Bin subdirectory. You cannot put the provider source code file in the App_Code subdirectory, because the health monitoring system is configured and instantiated before any code files in the App_Code subdirectory are compiled."

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