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What are some good websites for Win32 SDK programming tutorials?

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The generally accepted bible for Win32 is the Petzold book:

It's not online, but worth purchasing if you're serious about Win32, IMHO.

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In my experience most of the MSDN docs assume you've read Petzold already, even for .NET framework. For example, a lot of the documentation on threads in .NET assumes you understand how they worked in Win32; without Petzold, I would have been utterly lost. If you look around, you can get used copies really cheap. And he's a great writer. – J. Polfer Jun 4 '09 at 5:32
Note that Mr. Petzold has released a 6th edition, but the 6th edition has removed the content related to Win32. (Win32 hasn't changed, anyway) So, you'll need to get a hold of the 5th edition, NOT the 6th edition. – William Leara Feb 17 '13 at 16:32

The best online tutorial with regards to native Win32 programming would have to be The Forger's Win32 API tutorial.

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This is my favorite: Win32 Programming by Rector & Newcomer It is massive and goes through all the basic concepts down to the nuts and bolts about Win32 programming.

BTW: Newcomer has a website also with examples (although more related to MFC) here

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Absolutely Programming Windows, 5th edition by Charles Petzold.

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If you really need a simple starter that will guide you through the basics. You can read "Windows Programming from the Ground Up" by Herbert Schildt. It will be a good forerunner to Charles Petzold. I read Herb Schildt first and then Charles Petzold, and I really was able to understand what Petzold was talking very easily.

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While old, stuff like this: <>; has made at least me very weary of Schildt. Just thought I'd mention it. – unwind Jun 4 '09 at 6:38

Yes, Petzold book (98), Richter book (4), Win32 group for undocumented apis and Windows source code (wine, etc), and Russinovich book also..

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Autohotkey source code:

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Avoid tutorials (by kids for kids)
Read the Petzold + Richter + Adv. Win32 Group (news://

And avoid Newcomer (newbie in Win32, knows MFC only...)

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Domi, you've got a serious attitude problem. Are you going to answer everyone's questions like this? – Robert Harvey Jun 4 '09 at 17:39

You can find all the references and getting started tutorials for Win32 SDK programming at MSDN.

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A more direct link: – pcunite Jun 30 '12 at 23:55

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