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I'd like to know how can I render an action after creating a post on ActiveAdmin. My idea is after I create a post I'd like to get it's tags. I searched all over internet and there's not sufficient documentation.

I just saw that I can override the create action, but now I get a missing template error, can someone post some example code for overriding create in this situation?

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In your Post model:

after_create :get_tags

def get_tags
  tags = Post.find(:last)
  tags = tags.tag
  # return values
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I've had a similar issue a few days ago, the way I solved it was like this.

in your model

after_create :method_name

def method_name
   whatever you need to do

Be careful that if you are going to update attributes in the DB to use:

model.update_attributes(:attribute_name => new_value)

and not


I spent a few days until I found out that save doesn't work.

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In your AA definition:

controller do
    def create
        # Do your stuff
        # You can try one of this:
        # render :action => :show
        # render "path/to/template" , :layout => "active_admin"
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