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Here's my problem: I have a container where I register concrete types as interfaces.


I'm implementing a SerializationBinder for a serialization project I'm doing and the BindToType method that I need to implement wants me to return a Type object. The BindToType method gives me an assemblyName and typeName (both strings) to help me create a type object. What I want to do is if the typeName is an interface, I want to ask Autofac what the concrete implementation Type is for that interface Type without actually having it create the object. Is that possible?

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If you are using the RegisterType to register your services this is possible. I wrote a quick test that should help you extract the data you need.

private interface IDeleteOrganization


private class DeleteOrganization : IDeleteOrganization


public void CanResolveConcreteType()
    var builder = new ContainerBuilder();


    using(var container = builder.Build())
        var registration = container.ComponentRegistry
            .RegistrationsFor(new TypedService(typeof (IDeleteOrganization)))

        if (registration != null)
            var activator = registration.Activator as ReflectionActivator;
            if (activator != null)
                //we can get the type
                var type = activator.LimitType;
                Assert.AreEqual(type, typeof (DeleteOrganization));
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