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Having trouble with this code:

  let subscribe (nm : NamespaceManager) (subName : string) (desc : TopicDescription)  : Async<SubscriptionDescription> =
    let rec first_create () =
      async {
        let! exists = desc |> exists nm
        if exists then return! (then_create_subscription () : Async<SubscriptionDescription>)
          let beginCreate = nm.BeginCreateTopic : string * AsyncCallback * obj -> IAsyncResult
          logger.DebugFormat("creating topic '{0}'", desc)
          let! tdesc = Async.FromBeginEnd(desc.Path, beginCreate, nm.EndCreateTopic)
          return! first_create ()
        with | :? MessagingEntityAlreadyExistsException -> return! then_create_subscription () }
    and then_create_subscription ()  : Async<SubscriptionDescription> =
      async {
        let beginCreate = nm.BeginCreateSubscription : string * string * AsyncCallback * obj -> IAsyncResult
        return! Async.FromBeginEnd(desc.Path, subName, beginCreate, nm.EndCreateSubscription) }
    first_create ()

On line 5, it underlines then_create_subscription () : Async<SubscriptionDescription> stating:

Type mismatch. Expecting a Async<unit> but given a Async<SubscriptionDescription> The type 'unit' does not match the type 'SubscriptionDescription'

Exists looks like this:

  let exists (nm : NamespaceManager ) (desc : PathBasedEntity) = 
    async { return! Async.FromBeginEnd(desc.Path, nm.BeginTopicExists, nm.EndTopicExists) }

I want it to create the topic and then go on to create the subscription for it.

Any ideas?

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Why recurse btw? Because the API says it's done, but isn't, when EndCreateTopic returns. – Henrik Feb 28 '12 at 18:16
you need the else for that if – Mauricio Scheffer Feb 28 '12 at 18:45
Was it that simple. Awesome, thanks Mauricio. – Henrik Feb 28 '12 at 18:58
@MauricioScheffer Should post that as an answer so that it can be marked as such. – YotaXP Mar 1 '12 at 4:15
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There needs to be an else branch after if, otherwise the if is a statement, not an expression. The else is not implicit.

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