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I have this query:

   SELECT AS event_id, e.title,, e.category,,
,, p.coor,,
          a.user, a.event, COUNT(a.user) AS attending
     FROM events AS e
LEFT JOIN attendance a
       ON a.event =
LEFT JOIN places p
       ON =
 GROUP BY, e.title
 ORDER BY attending DESC

this query get events from events table, and join some other tables... (if you can help me to make it more efficent i would thank you)

I have another table called: invited_friends:

event_id    bigint(20)    
user_id int(11)   
owner   tinyint(1)

it stores the user ids that invited for a certien event .. (owner is bool that store if the user is the creator of the event)

I want to select only if the current user is invited based on the data in invited_friends table.

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INNER JOIN, it worked but not all my events has invited users, some of them are public to everyone... so it will ignore them: codeINNER JOIN invited_friends i ON ( i.event_id = ) AND ( i.user_id =1439375286 )code – Amir Feb 28 '12 at 18:32
How do you know what events are public? Where is that stored? – Tobsey Feb 28 '12 at 18:37
if e.category = 4, then it is a private event, when im using inner join like i showed it just ignore every event beside the ones that have invited friends. – Amir Feb 28 '12 at 18:40
I've modified my answer below to cater for the category. If the category is not equal to 4 then I'm assuming it is public and should be included, otherwise make sure the @username has been invited – Tobsey Feb 29 '12 at 14:06

I'm not too familiar with MySql but here goes:

SELECT AS event_id, e.title,, e.category,,,, p.coor,,
      a.user, a.event, COUNT(a.user) AS 
    events AS e
    LEFT JOIN attendance a ON a.event =
    LEFT JOIN places p ON =
    e.Category <> 4 
                invited_friends.event_id =
            AND invited_friends.user_id = @username -- User to search for
    attending DESC
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