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I have the following setting:

In this example, scrolling the maindiv also scrolls the upper/left div.

However I'd like to exchange the native Scrollbars for Javascript Scrollbars.

I have been searching the web for some simple Javascript code that provides a minimalistic Scrollbar AND allows for scrolling multiple DIVs.

Any hints on a simple JS code snippet that provides a simple Scrollbar and can scroll multiple DIVs?

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If you are willing to use jQuery, I found a nifty plugin that will do it for you. It can be styled with CSS, so it can fit the look of your site as well. Check out the demo to see for yourself...

A quick look at the source of the demo page also shows you how to use it:

    [easing type],
    [bottom scrolling space],
    [scrollbar adjust],
    [mouse-wheel support],
    [button-scroll support],
    [button-scroll speed]
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Thanks, however I'd like to avoid using jQuery – Dobbylan Feb 28 '12 at 22:57

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