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I need some help please This is the HTML CODE GENERATED BY THE TOOLKIT EXTENDER

          <td width="16px" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
                <input name="ctl00$MainContent$ModInsteon1$6$Slider1" type="text" value="100" onchange="javascript:setTimeout(&#39;__doPostBack(\&#39;ctl00$MainContent$ModInsteon1$6$Slider1\&#39;,\&#39;\&#39;)&#39;, 0)" onkeypress="if (WebForm_TextBoxKeyHandler(event) == false) return false;" id="MainContent_ModInsteon1_6_Slider1" style="font-size:Smaller;" />

                <span id="MainContent_ModInsteon1_6_lblvalue" style="font-size:Small;"></span>

          <td id="MainContent_ModInsteon1_6_Td1" colspan="2">
                <span id="MainContent_ModInsteon1_6_lblDeviceName" style="display:inline-block;font-size:Smaller;width:100%;">X10 Lamp</span>

Now I have a Jqueri function that needs to update the slider value. Unfortunately I can only update the TEXT element - which does not trigger the updates..


The textbox (which is not shown) gets updated, but the value of the slider is still 0 and the slider does not move. Any ideas?

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What precisely is the question? What happens if you update the value as you've done here? –  jcolebrand Feb 28 '12 at 18:47

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Call to val() usually don't fire change event. Try to raise it yourself:


Depending on the slider implementation, you might need to raise a different event to trigger synchronization, e.g.

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