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I'm working on a webapp where I need store references to YouTube videos in a database.

For each stored entry, I need to be able to use the YouTube reference to a): show a YouTube thumbnail for the referenced video, b): show the referenced video in an embeded YouTube video player.

What would be most beneficial in this case - store the full YouTube URL or just the video id part?

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Just the video id from youtube is fine, I also save this info to a table and generate the thumb images using the URL http://img.youtube.com/vi/iGpYLmy7F3Q/0.jpg

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0.jpg isn't necessarily the highest quality thumbnail. Most of the time there is an hqdefault.jpg, so a better URL would be img.youtube.com/vi/iGpYLmy7F3Q/hqdefault.jpg. If using the YouTube Data API, they recommend using the reported height and width attribute values to select the thumbnail. ref: Reference Guide: Data API Protocol - YouTube — Google Developers, media:thumbnail –  user166560 Mar 25 '12 at 2:52

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