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Here is the ActiveAdmin documentation for customizing the CSV format I am using ActiveAdmin with my rails app and I would like to be able to download a CSV file that has data in multiple tabs. How can I do this?

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Csv files can't do this. The spreadsheet gem can write xls files with multiple worksheets etc, maybe you can hook that into activeadmin –  Frederick Cheung Feb 28 '12 at 19:25

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You might look at the spreadsheet gem (or here for code) then. CSV by itself does not support multiple tabs that I know of. Instead you would want to generate the data as you would for the CSVs and then do a new sheet per CSV:

@data_array_normally_for_csvs = #an array of the data hashes you might use for the csvs
book = Spreadsheet::Workbook.new

@data_array_normally_for_csvs.each do |data|
     sheet = book.create_worksheet
     sheet.name = "whatever"
     data.each do |k,v|
          sheet1.row(n) =  v #where n is the count for the hash and v is the array of values

This is just to give you an idea... you would want to dig into the spreadsheet documentation, wiki and examples on the web to see what works best. There is also harvesthq's simple_xlsx_writer but I have never used it and it seems much less used than spreadsheet.

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Instead of csv option we can use the spreadsheet gem as follows

Spreadsheet.client_encoding = 'UTF-8'
excel = Spreadsheet::Workbook.new
sheet1 = excel.create_worksheet :name => "Sheet1"
sheet1 = excel.create_worksheet :name => "Sheet2"
header1 = sheet1.row(0)
   header1.concat [
data_row1 = sheet.row(1) 
data_row1.concat [
header1 = sheet1.row(0)
header1.concat [
data_row1 = sheet1.row(3)
data_row1.concat [
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