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i am new on this issue so please let me down easy :)

I am trying to develop a android application and i am trying to work with Google Tasks Api.

When i created the project (in eclipse) i chose the Google Api, but im not sure if that means i have access to other libraries like Tasks or only android related classes. Just in case i downloaded the Tasks Api jar file ad import it into my project.

Now my issue is how to i make a http call to get back some json/data from this api, or any other google api, i believe they should be similar.

i believe the steps i need to take is:

1. import the Google Tasks Api into a java class
2. grab permissions from user to access the api
3. make a http request and get the data back
4. style the data

So, with these in mind i need a small crash course to at least point me in the right direction, because at the end of the day i need to know what i don't know to get more informed :)


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